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If you're visiting the UK this year and want to explore the Cotswolds, or some other historic part of England - I'm your man on the spot!

There are many excellent companies offering history tours of London, The Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon,  etc. But these all follow standard, pre-set routes. If you want to do your own history tour, follow up an interesting sideline, or just linger, it's difficult or impossible to do because of the need to keep larger groups together. 

I'm offering to be your Friend in England - for half a day or a whole week - and to work with you to design a history tour which will be a voyage of discovery, tailor-made to your interests; and as flexible as you wish.

If you want a tour of the Cotswolds I can meet you at a convenient station or even your London hotel, returning you there at the end of your tour. If you have more time and want me to help you to see more of England, I can work on your behalf - deciding the best routes, checking out and booking accommodation, negotiating entry to sites which might not normally be open to you, sending you up to date information on your area of interest. 

When the plan is finished, we'll do the history tour together in style - in my Rolls-Royce! What's your fancy?

  • Roman ruins?
  • Medieval castles and cathedrals?
  • Stately homes?
  • The Industrial Revolution?
  • Or perhaps finding clues to your own family history in an English village or town? 

Whatever it is, I can research it for you. Through an ongoing dialogue we can design a programme which will fit your individual needs and give you more inside knowledge of English history than a dozen ordinary tours.

If you don't have the time for a longer history tour I can offer one or even half day trips, or combine delivering you to or from the airport with an opportunity to see an historical gem on the way. The possibilities are endless, and each trip I make is a voyage of discovery for me, too!

Why not try...

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Medieval Sightseeing Trip
Medieval Sightseeing


"High accolades to John Bateson...he takes you on a guided tour in a Rolls Royce that you will put in your memory bank forever."

Joyce Hauser (A&L News Service, New York)